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Content Management Systems

Did you know? Updating your website doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage your website anytime, anywhere?

The Pixel Army Content Management System (CMS)

If you’ve ever dealt with a design studio when it comes to modifying your website, you’ve probably wished there was a simpler, more cost-effective way to create and manage site content.

A Content Management System allows you to modify your website in real-time from anywhere, on any device.

No more calling up your web developer to make those minor changes; just log in to your CMS, update the content and hit save. It’s really that easy. If you can type a letter in Microsoft Word, you’ll be a pro with our CMS.

We’ve designed our Content Management System to incorporate as much custom functionality as possible while also keeping everything so simple that the secretary’s dog can manage site content. And because we don’t believe in handcuffing clients to us, all of our sites are all built with open-source PHP that any competent developer can manipulate. So even if zombies attack the Pixel Army HQ, rest assured that you won’t be left high and dry (especially because we would totally dominate those zombies).

For an example of how you would edit your website through our Content Management System, try out the TinyMCE editor below!

Integrated Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools & So Much More

We geek-out about Google Analytics all the time. It’s an amazing free tool that provides a wealth of insight on how your website visitors interact and behave. We’ll take care of the coding necessary to enable Analytics & Webmaster Tools, which you can then access via Google or your CMS. While Google provides an ocean of data for those willing and able to sift through it, our CMS showcases the most important and easily understood key metrics. 

Benefits of a Custom Content Management System

  • Your CMS will be in a language you can understand. If you call a ‘banner slider’ a ‘headline’, we’ll call it a ’headline’ in your CMS.
  • We’ll tailor the functionality to your needs. No templated widgets or plugins that force you to compromise your vision for your site.
  • Your site and CMS can grow as your business does.
  • We can replace expensive and non-customizable software. Don’t think a website can solve your pain points? Try us.

Easily Control Your Website

You’re in the Control Room

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