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Are you looking for eCommerce website design in Edmonton? Our online stores are built with user experience in mind. We understand that the world is changing, and so is the way people shop. Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a convenient and safe way to browse their favourite products in a relaxed environment. Even the most hesitant of consumers have started to prefer online shopping after experiencing premier online shopping experiences from industry leaders during the past few months.

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Since the Internet can reach just about anywhere, Ecommerce opens your business up to anywhere in the world you can ship to! Explore new markets and grow your business from the comfort of your very own city. 

Why Should You Create An Online Store?

Be Ready For Anything 

Ecommerce Website Design gives your business the chance to be fully prepared for anything that the future has to offer. Online stores make your website fully interactive and, when built by experts, significantly improve the user experience. 

Sales At The Touch Of A Button 

More and more consumers are wanting to compare various options and prices online before making a purchasing decision. An online store gives your business a competitive edge by eliminating the steps involved in the consumer’s physical journey to your building. Ecommerce brings you more sales at just the touch of a button! 

Benefit From Payments In Advance

Online stores also give your business the chance to display options that may not be available yet, allowing you to open your profit margins to pre-sales. Consumers are also presented with more options since you can display merchandise from a variety of different locations in one place.

Benefits of a Pixel Army Ecommerce Store

  • Built for you. Whatever you’re selling, we’ll build & customize your store to work exactly how it’s supposed to.
  • No extra fluff. Our platform is light-weight and doesn’t include any unnecessary code. This leads to a faster and more efficient store experience.
  • Seamlessly integrated payment gateways & shipping providers.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Integrate with accounting systems for order tracking simplicity.

Ecommerce & SEO

Online stores are a great way to increase organic traffic. When you list your merchandise online with the relevant price and product information, it allows Google to match you with more users looking to buy your product. SEO for ecommerce is a powerful investment, whether it be your time, or hiring a company that can dramatically improve your sales. 

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