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About PowerRich

PowerRich was formed in 1984, as a family owned business. The original name of the company was PowerRich Plant Food Ltd. It was formed solely to handle a soil amendment product that was obtained from a U.S company under liscense. It was an adjunct to another family owned company that sold water soluble fertilizer. This liscensed product was felt to have a beneficial effect for the soil types found on the northern plains. The market of the company has been the areas that have these soil types, the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, N.E. British Columbia, and the northern plain states of the United States.

The main market for PowerRich products is agricultural farmers. We do have products for the home lawn market, as well as for marketgardners. The argicultural products are sold mainly through agents.The head office for PowerRich is in Winnipeg, and is where the product is produced. Ingredients for PowerRich products are sourced globally.The company was named Manitoba’s fastest growing business in 1992, bye Manitoba Business magazine. The company plans to keep growing in the prairie province’s of Canada, and the last 2 years have been concentrating on the northern plain states, where there is seen a good potential for good growth. Sales have tripled in the U.S. over the past 2 years. PowerRich did sell product into central american countries in the early 90’s but abandoned them due linguistic difficulties and problems in finding reliable partners in the region. Future plans involve in increased marketing of the water soluble products, especially for lawn and market garden use. At some time a product well most likely be developed for other soil conditions that occur in north america. 2010 well see the company starting its 26th year in business.

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