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About PALS Geomatics

At Pals, we pride ourselves on our extensive professional surveying experience.

Thanks to a reputation for quality, and our careful planning, we have continued to grow consistently throughout our 30-year history.

In 1983 we launched our surveying business, targeting the homebuilding industry. Despite a depressed housing market, we were able to secure solid contracts and began building lasting relationships. Over the next five years, we developed our expertise and business model and began offering surveying services to the land development industry.

The years that followed have told a similar story. We have been careful and deliberate in our planning and only launched new services when we were ready. As we’ve expanded, we’ve focused on responding to customer demand. We listen to our customers needs and create new offerings we know will help them succeed.

We have been rewarded with a large, varied and loyal customer base and a reputation for providing high-value, customer-focused service.

As our services have expanded, so has our team. We started with just two employees, and today are proud to say we have more than 130 staff members.

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