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About Fleet FX

Look at your vehicle. What do you see? An essential tool for your business? A source of transportation that gets you to work every day? A means of getting away for a weekend or vacation? Maybe you just see four wheels and an engine. When we look at your vehicle we see an opportunity. An opportunity for you to communicate with thousands of people every day. We believe that every vehicle has the untapped potential to be the most effective medium for visual communication today. What you say is up to you. All we do is help you say it.

It all starts with you; identifying what you are communicating, who you want to reach and why. Understanding your goals and motivation is the most essential part of our process. Next, we analyze your vehicle(s) and how to best translate your message visually. We want to ensure you are communicating loud and clear. This is where our experience and insight can help you relate to your audience. Finally, we take our craft seriously. We only use the best products and tools, our equipment is state-of-the-art and we have the best team in Western Canada. Maybe even the whole galaxy. Really, they’re awesome.

Awesome, thanks! You guys are the best!

Clint Easton

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