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Advertising on Google

Google AdWords AdvertisingDid you know? 64% of smartphone shoppers turn to Google for ideas about what to buy before heading into stores.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could promote your product line to shoppers looking for inspiration?

On Demand Advertising with Google Adwords

With one Google AdWords account you can single-handedly accomplish what previously took a whole team of media planners. AdWords ads can appear virtually anywhere online worldwide, yet remain targeted and relevant. And because ad performance can be measured and campaigns can be edited to optimize results, you can enjoy unprecedented levels of control over advertising spending and reach.

Unlike traditional advertising and other forms of online advertising, Google ads are shown only to people who indicate an interest in a specific topic or search term.

Users show interest in a certain product or service by going to Google to search for a specific term or keywords and within a second, Google returns very accurate search results.

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