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Did you know? 87% of smartphone users turn to Google Search first in their moment of need.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could advertise your product or service directly to users during this micro-moment?

Search Engine & Social Media Marketing (SEM & SMM)

Online marketing provides targeting tools that traditional mediums can’t offer, in addition to unparalleled statistics that give a clear indication of consumer behaviour.

Forward thinking companies are choosing to allocate large portions of their marketing budget towards digital marketing primarily due to the ability of highly targeted audiences and higher return on investments.

In addition to educating you on the benefits of digital advertising, we’ll suggest an online strategy that fits in within your overall marketing plan; tying in traditional and online techniques for one cohesive strategy. Once we’ve defined your marketing goals, we’ll set up your online advertising and provide detailed reports that show just how effective your ads are.

What sets Edmonton based Pixel Army apart from other online marketing providers is that we incorporate your online campaign into your overall web strategy. We’ll sit down with you to analyze your web statistics and advertising efficiency in order to recommend site tweaks that leverage the wealth of data you’re already collecting.

Whether you’re looking to drive traffic, leads or sales, we have a plan for you. Let’s talk today, (780) 428-8089.

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