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About Innova Homes

Choices, that is what life is all about and at Innova Homes we offer just that! Call us semi custom. We know that you want the ability to make your house your home and to put your personal touch on every aspect of it. That is why we offer what we do. We give you the ability to pick details of almost every aspect of your home. We offer you a custom home buying experience at a non custom home builder’s price! Want to make changes to our floor plans? Go ahead and do it! Mark it up, bring us your ideas and if it can be done we will do it! We want your home to be as unique as you are.

From exterior styling to the baseboard profile to your fireplace style, the home becomes uniquely yours. At Innova Homes quality is our number one concern. Your home is built to last a lifetime so you can enjoy all the special moments that come with it.

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